GoPro has updated its Quik desktop software with a new feature that enables HERO5 Black camera owners to overlay GPS and telemetry data onto their videos. This data is gathered by the camera’s various sensors during recording, and provides an extra layer of information for viewers, including things like the date and time the video was recorded, the altitude, elevation gain, and distance in miles or kilometers. 

The data overlays are customizable, and include resizable graphs and the ability to choose which data is included in the video. In addition to the aforementioned data, the overlays can also include a compass to show the camera’s orientation, speed, a speed graph with activity spikes, the GPS path and position pinpoints, and G-Force levels.

The Quik desktop editing software is available for 64-bit PCs running Windows 7 or newer and Macs running macOS 10.10.X or later. PCs are advised to have at least an Intel Core i3 processor and Macs should have at least an Intel Dual Core, though Core i7 processors are recommended for both.

Via: GoPro