Earlier this months both OPPO and Xiaomi teased technology that allows the front camera on a smartphone to be located under the display, avoiding any notches, pinholes or other screen interruptions.

Today OPPO has shown a first device with the feature at MWC Shanghai and provided more information about the under-display technology. In order to make things work both customized displays and camera modules are required.

The display section covering the camera is made of a highly-transparent material and features a redesigned pixel structure that is optimized for the transmittance of light. Still, some light will be absorbed by the display, so the camera comes with a bigger sensor with bigger pixels and a larger aperture than you'd find in conventional front cameras.

There are also customized white balance and HDR algorithms to help boost camera performance and to further reduce the transparent display's unavoidable detrimental impact on image quality OPPO has developed a haze removal algorithm for sharper and clearer image output.

In its announcement OPPO said it is developing a “futuristic, notchless, unibody and highly-recognizable smartphone,” but has not provided any detailed specs or information on pricing or availability.