Leica invented the first 35mm camera in 1914. Recently, they created a minute-long video ad to celebrate 'witnesses' – photographers using their cameras for over a century to capture worldwide events, both large and small. Narrated by Joel Meyerowitz, to the music of Niccolò Pacella, it features images from 28 photographers. Love, hate, beauty, craziness, lonliness, fear, tenderness, sparkle and revolution are a few of the themes on display.

'Today, as for more than one century, Leica keeps celebrating the witnesses, the ones who see the everyday beauty, grace and poetry, and the never-ending irony and drama of our human condition, and bring their cameras to the eye in order to frame it and capture it forever,' reads the caption on YouTube.

Justin Mott, Joshua Buana, Eolo Perfido commented on how honored they were to have their work featured. For more inspiration, Leica invites readers to 'discover the witnesses of our world' and includes six of the more poignant photographs, plus the stories behind them.