We'll have to wait until April 28th, the official launch of the LG G4, to find out exact details about its camera. But today LG has posted a couple of videos on its YouTube channel that already give us a few hints. 

Recent Videos

According to the videos, the new LG will come with an F1.8 aperture which will make the G4's lens the fastest among its rival models from other major manufacturers, even surpassing the impressive F1.9 aperture in Samsung's brand new Galaxy S6. Another video mentions manual camera controls which lets us assume that the new device will fully support Google's Camera2 API in Android 5.0. This means that manual control of shutter speed and DNG Raw capture should be possible with third party apps like Manual Camera or Camera FV-5 or even the stock camera app.

Unfortunately the videos do not reveal much more than that but according to the rumor mill the G4 will have a 16MP image sensor along with a 2K display and will be powered by a six-core Snapdragon 808 CPU which, at least on paper, makes it look like a very attractive alternative for mobile photographers. As usual we'll cover the launch on the 28th, for now you can watch the videos below.