Mounting your GoPro on your chest or helmet frees up your hands for all those extreme moments you'd like to capture, but when you still need to operate the shutter, are you truly hands-free? The GoHawk by Oregon-based POA Labs wants to help.

Currently in prototype form, the GoHawk is an accessory kit that includes three remote shutter options: a handlebar, tongue and bite switch. The GoHawk is also designed to tell its user when the GoPro is actually recording via an LED indicator light that can be positioned inside of a helmet. Also included is an auxiliary USB power port for extended shooting.

The unit is compatible with the GoPro Hero4 and essentially works like a camera cable release - that is triggering the switch via, your teeth, tongue or finger will allow you to record video, shoot single exposures or trigger a burst. The LED indicator light will be illuminated red while the GoPro is recording video or shooting stills and blue while the unit is on standby.

POA Labs is seeking a total of $20,000 in funding. The unit and a single type of switch (your choice) is offered with a $131 pledge. Backers of the GoHawk can expect their units to ship in September 2016 if the funding campaign is a success.

GoPro shooters and filmmakers would surely welcome the ability to trigger and monitor recording without lifting a finger. For more information, check out the Kickstarter page.