During last week's Save Analog Cameras live broadcast, it was announced that Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter (JCH) is working on a new 35mm compact camera project, according to Kosmo Foto. This revelation follows Hunt's recent launch of the JCH StreetPan 120 B&W film, which itself followed JCH's first film launch about a year and a half ago.

Hunt reportedly didn't reveal much about the planned 35mm camera, though he did refer to it as a 'premium compact,' indicating what potential future buyers can expect. The project aims to fill a growing void in the camera market, giving analog enthusiasts a modern compact 35mm option, although it could be many months before the camera actually launches.

Kosmo Foto reports that the camera may be ready for testing some time next year, though they didn't mention whether they got that information directly from Hunt or elsewhere. Hunt discussed the topic of compact film camera scarcity in a blog post earlier this year, saying, among other things:

I would dearly love to make a compact camera, and I know what I want too ... A simply [sic] point and shoot with a decent 28mm or 35mm lens, flash, iso selector and manual override. As simple as possible and made from metal for durability. The less electronic components the better, so that it can be easily serviceable and less prone to breaking down.

Whether the camera discussed last week will follow these design principles is yet to be seen, but we'll definitely be keeping a eye out for Hunt's creation.