ON1 has announced it’s currently working on ON1 Photo Mobile 2020, a mobile app for Android and iOS that will be able to both capture and edit Raw images. The app will also sync with ON1 Photo RAW for desktop computers, with the ability to view, edit and sync images across devices.

Not much information is given on the teaser page, but from what information is available, it seems the app is part mobile camera app, part editing tool, with many features taken from ON1 Photo RAW. ON1 says the capture component of ON1 Photo Mobile 2020 will offer ‘pro-level controls you are familiar with on your interchangeable-lens camera’ and ‘is packed full of advanced features.’

As for editing on-the-go, ON1 says the app will offer ‘ the same power as […] in ON1 Photo RAW.’ Specifically, ON1 mentions the ability to enhance shadows, remove distractions, lighten/darken areas ‘and more.’ Put in more parallel terms, it sounds like ON1 Photo Mobile 2020 will offer highlight/shadow controls as well as a healing brush-style tool. Presets and local adjustments will also be available within the app.

The app will also sync with ON1 Photo RAW on your computer to ‘push edits […] back to ON1 Photo Mobile using ON1 Sync,’ a process that provides ‘a complete, open, photo editing and organizing system,’ according to ON1

ON1 says ‘ON1 Photo Mobile 2020 will be available in the first half of 2020’ for Android and iOS devices. No pricing information has been given at this time.