We have already seen reports on the components used in the Huawei P30 Pro's innovative multi-camera setup. Thanks to a new video-teardown by Youtuber JerryRigEverything we are now getting a very detailed look at the camera and especially the periscope-style 5x tele lens and its internal components.

Looking at the video it is quite impressive how Huawei has managed to squeeze this much technology into the P30 Pro's thin smartphone body, particularly considering that the huge 4200 mAh is taking up a large proportion of the available space.

The only way to achieve a 5x optical zoom factor was to install the tele-module sideways inside the phone, using a 90-degree mirror to divert incoming light into the lens and onto the sensor. The Huawei is the first phone to use this technology but most certainly not the last. Unfortunately the tele-lens is being sacrificed in the process of recording the video but given the close looks we are getting at the internals it's all worth it.

Fast forward to 5:36 in the video if you want to jump directly to the section about the camera module.