Water housing and accessory makers Aquatech has released its new AxisGo water housing for Apple's iPhones. The company describes the new housing as 'professional grade' and says it can be used in 'any water conditions, from rough surf to fishing and wakeboarding to a family swim session in the pool.'

The housing is designed for the phone to drop in and then seal tight. It's rated for a depth of 10 meters (33 feet) and made from polycarbonate, aluminum and marine-grade stainless steel. Glass elements are optically corrected and the whole thing weighs a reassuring 510 grams (18oz).

The AxisGo is available as a basic package but more advanced users can also choose from a variety of grips and mounts, lens ports, accessories and bundle kits that support specific use cases, for example an Action Kit for surfing, wakeboarding or snowboarding,, or an Over-Under Kit, which comes with lenses that help you capture 'split shots' above and below the water line.

The AxisGo water housing is available now from $199 for a range of iPhone models including the latest iPhone 11 series. More information is available on the Aquatech website.