Blipfoto users can opt for their images to be geolocated on a world map; just tap and zoom to access photos from international contributors.
A sample journal entry can be shared and commented on. Browse through images and you'll find some gorgeous photographs.

The idea of posting a photo a day isn't new; photographers have long turned to 365-days-a-year photo projects to stay inspired. Blipfoto, which has just launched its app for Android today, takes the daily photo journal idea a step further by letting you add a description or other information along with the image. The app retains all EXIF data and photos can be captured with the device's camera or shared from your smartphone's photo library.

Like its iOS sibling, Blipfoto for Android allows only users to post only one photo per day and offers an optional daily reminder to do so, along with other notifications. There's a newsfeed for people whose posts you subscribe to and several options to browse/search for images including a mapping function. You can have your images show up on a world map or you can open the map, tap on a location and access other "blippers'" posts from that location. You can also browse images by tapping "everything" or "favorites." Post can be shared via Twitter, Facebook and email.

Blipfoto is free and while certain features can be accessed without signing up, you'll need to create an account on Blipfoto or sign up using your Twitter or Facebook accounts. 

While filters are available on the iOS version, Blipfoto has responded to user feedback and eliminated them in the Android app.

From what we've seen, there are some serious and talented photographers sharing images on Blipfoto. Of course, some subscribers have posted their fair share of photos only a family would love, but you're more likely to find well-crafted and visually inspiring images as you browse through contributors' posts.