Today's Lightroom Mobile updates include the addition of the selective brush on iOS, and a new interface for Android users.

Adobe released a major update to Lightroom Mobile for both iOS and Android users today. Each update is unique, offering different features depending on which operating system you use. Scroll down for a summary of both.

Lightroom Mobile for iOS

For iOS users, today's update includes a new selective brush, improved details tab, and an improved interface for iPad users.

The new selective brush is a much-requested update, allowing you to paint enhancements onto specific parts of your image. What's more, 3D-touch enabled devices (iPhone 6S or later) will vary the strength of the brush based on finger pressure.

Other improvements include the addition of global sharpening and noise reduction to the Details tab, and a new iPad interface that has been optimized to take full advantage of the powerful processors found in the iPad Pro and iPad Pro 2.

Lightroom Mobile for Android

On the Android side, today's update focuses on making Lightroom mobile faster and, in Adobe's own words, "more Android-y."

"We wanted to provide the best Android experience possible ,so we redesigned Lightroom for Android from the ground up to be faster, more efficient, and, well, more Android-y," explains Adobe's Josh Haftel. "Every screen has been redesigned with the goal of ensuring a natural, native Android experience while providing the highest quality, professional-grade mobile photo editing app ever."

To take advantage of these updates on both iOS and Android, either update your Lightroom Mobile or download a new copy off the iTunes App Store or Google Play.