Business information service BCN has released its latest data that shows Sony is so far ahead of the competition in Japan that in April its a7 III sold more than all the other top five full-frame mirrorless camera bodies combined. The growth of Sony a7 lll sales coincided with a dramatic drop in sales of the Canon EOS RP and only low volume sales for the EOS R and Nikon’s Z6. The Nikon Z7 doesn’t feature in the chart of the top five full frame mirrorless models, as the a7 ll takes the 5th spot.

The data shows the EOS RP performing well in the middle of March, but it declined quite quickly thereafter.

In some senses the results aren't that surprising as Sony has a much more established user base and a much wider native lens selection than either Canon or Nikon for full frame mirrorless models; not to mention both Canon and Nikon are serving early adopters in this market. What might seem surprising though is that the a7 III is quite a bit more expensive than the EOS RP – proving that perhaps the market isn’t as price-sensitive as many expect.