Google's latest update brings fisheye and wideangle panorama options to the camera app.

While the pre-installed camera apps on most Android smartphones tend to come with a multitude of modes, features and options, Google's own camera app has always been defined by simplicity, similar to the approach that Apple is taking with its iPhone camera app. 

However, when Google launched a major update in April that included a redesigned UI and the new Lens Blur effect , in the eyes of some users it was taking simplicity too far by removing the self-timer. Another change that many users, for reasons that are not entirely clear, seemed not to appreciate was the 100% "viewfinder" which meant that on phones with 4:3 imaging sensors the preview image was not covering the entire screen, as the latter often uses a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Google has taken care of those two points of user criticism with another, more minor update. The camera app now offers 3 and 10 second self-timer settings and 16:9 aspect ratio has been added to the image size and resolution options, allowing the users of smartphones with 4:3 image sensors to shoot in the wider format.

Other features that come with the new version of the app include wide angle and fisheye panorama options that are based on the Photo Sphere technology. The update is rolling out now and should be available on the Play Store soon.

Source: Google+ | Via: GSM Arena