When Instagram first introduced the ability to upload video files in 2013, the length of clips was limited to 15 seconds. Since then the limit has been increased to one minute, but that's still not exactly long-form video.

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Currently the only way to share longer videos is by live-streaming, but according to a report in The Wall Street Journal this could be about to change. Apparently the Facebook-owned mobile image sharing platform is working on the ability to allow uploads of videos with a length of up to one hour.

According to the report, Instagram is currently putting an emphasis on uploading and publishing video in vertical format, which given the platform's popularity, could have serious impacts on how video will be shot and produced in the future in general. That said, some details could change before the feature is officially launched.

The company is also talking to video content creators about and publishers about creating longer videos for Instagram. Presumably this is done to ensure the availability of some high-quality content on the platform at the time of launch.

We'll have to wait and see what the final product will look like but this latest Instagram move could be a big one, offering an alternative platform for video bloggers and even the ability to stream professionally produced shows and other types of content.