Sirui, a Chinese company that focuses mainly on photography products and accessories, has unveiled two new mobile lenses designed for photographers: the TL-400mm Long Focus Lens Kit and the VD-01 Anamorphic Lens. Both mobile lenses feature Schott optical glass, a multilayer anti-reflection coating and the promise of limited distortion and vignetting combined with 'high levels of light transmission' and ‘precise color rendition.’

Additionally, the TL-400mm (equivalent) lens features aircraft-grade aluminum housing and mounts to a smartphone using a ‘cage’ included with the kit. Sirui also includes a storage case, Bluetooth remote control for capturing images and miniature table-top tripod with a ball head mount with this kit.

Joining the new 400mm lens is the VD-01 anamorphic mobile lens, designed for shooting 2.4:1 aspect ratio widescreen videos that have a cinematic look. Sirui says it used a ‘retro-style’ anti-reflection coating on the lens to produce ‘sci-fi light leak and flares effects.’

As with the 400mm telephoto lens, the anamorphic model features aircraft-grade aluminum housing, Schott optics and a multilayer anti-reflection coating. Unlike the other model, however, the anamorphic lens attaches to a smartphone using an ordinary lens clip.

The TL-400mm Long Focus Lens Kit is available through Sirui's online store for $149.90 USD, and the anamorphic lens is available for $99.90 USD.