If you have trouble deciding which of your images to include in your portfolio, or which ones will get the most positive response on social media, the new cinnac app might be exactly what you've been waiting for. Cinnac is a social network for photographers that uses means-tested ratings from its community to help you filter your photos.

The app works by letting you upload so-called "mini blogs" to your account—basically just sets of 20 photos. Other users are then presented with pairs of images from your set and have to vote on their favorite. The end result is that you receive a crowd-generated rating for your images and a ranking, showing you which of your photos are most popular with the cinnac community.

For now, cinnac is still pretty bare-bones, but offers an easy and intuitive "Tinder-style" user interface and could turn into a genuinely useful tool once the community grows large enough for reliable ratings. For example, it could be a great way to decide which photos to add to a professional portfolio, or which will perform best when shared on major social networks like Instagram.

Cinnac is now available to download free of charge in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Check out the video below for an introduction: