Timelapse+ has introduced a new plug-in for Adobe Lightroom that promises to make editing and constructing timelapse videos significantly easier. Timelapse+ Studio can identify timelapse sequences in your library and form them into collections. It will then automatically mark what it thinks are key frames in the sequence and allow users to edit those key frames in Lightroom as normal. Users can add more key frames and then have the software blend transitions to balance for adjustments across all the images in the sequence.

The software also allows users to zoom in to areas of the scene and to pan across the frame to create a sense of camera movement even in situations in which the camera and lens were stationary during recording.

Exposure differences between frames, or different parts of the sequence, can be ironed out to avoid abrupt changes, and the result can be previewed in a window within Lightroom once the sequence is complete. The company says all the automated tasks the software performs can be undone and redone by those that need manual control of the way the timelapse is created.

The astro timelapse below was created by Adrien Mauduit using Timelapse+ Studio.

Timelapse+ Studio is available now and costs $49. For more information see the Timelapse+ website.