Instagram has taken inspiration from Snapchat and launched a new feature called Stories. With Instagram Stories, users can capture numerous videos and photos, alter them with stickers, drawing tools, and by adding text, then post them to a single 'story' slideshow that won't clutter up followers' feeds. Once 24 hours pass, these story posts will disappear.

Instagram Stories are only visible to followers when the account is set to private; likewise, users can block specific followers from seeing their stories. Though story posts do not allow comments, users can swipe up to see which followers and accounts have viewed the content. Instagram users can feature parts of their stories on their profiles, as well.  

Stories posted by the people you follow are accessible via a bar at the top of your content feed. The profile photo of users with new story content will be visible with a colored ring around it in this bar. Tapping on the profile photo will pull up the story and navigate the user back and forth within the story, while swiping will jump the user to a different story altogether.

Instagram says the feature will be rolling out to iOS and Android users across the globe over the next few weeks.

Via: Instagram Blog