Think Tank Photo has released the latest versions of its Hydrophobia rain covers and introduced a new pair of compact rain covers it calls the Emergency Rain Cover.

The Hydrophobia V3.0 Rain Covers come in five different configurations to fit various DSLR cameras and Sony full-frame mirrorless camera setups. In Think Tank Photo's own words, the Hydrophobia V3.0 Rain Covers are 'considered the most protective weather protection on the market.'

Hydrophobia V3.0 Rain Covers are made of a three-layer material and feature a DWR coating for extra protection against moisture. The stitches across the entire cover are seam-sealed and a rainproof front element cover is included so your lens doesn't get splashed when sitting idle.

If you don't feel like carrying an all-out solution for keeping your gear dry, Think Tank Photo has also released a new thinned-out version of its rain covers. They're called Emergency Rain Covers and as the name suggests, they're a more compact, lightweight solution for keeping your gear safe from the elements in emergency situations.

Emergency Rain Covers come in two sizes: small and medium — and they weigh just 99g/3.5oz and 114g/4oz, respectively. Compared to the approximately 300g/10.5oz of the full-size Hydrophobia Rain Covers, it's quite the weight savings.

The small is meant to keep a gripped or standard camera body protects with smaller primes or zooms attached. Specifically, Think Tank Photo mentions 16–35mm F2.8, 14–24mm F2.8, 24–105mm F4 and 24–70mm F2.8 lenses, but it's safe to say most super-wide to standard lenses (35-70mm) should work fine. The medium Emergency Rain Cover can also keep a gripped or standard camera body protected with a 24–70mm F2.8 or 70–200mm F2.8 lens attached. Again, there are plenty of other lenses that would work beyond the two Think Tank Photo mentioned.

All of the rain covers are currently available to purchase through Think Tank Photo's online shop. The Hydrophobia Rain Covers start at $115 for the 24-70 size and go up to $150 for the massive 300-600 version. The small and medium emergency rain covers retail for $35 and $40, respectively.