Nissin has released a new light stand that it claims is the lightest in the world. The Super Light Stand LS-50C uses carbon fibre for its central column to keep its total weight down to just 575g/1.2lb. But even at that featherweight, it can still hold 1.5kg/3.3lb and extends to a maximum height of 200cm/79in.

Packed away, it stores at a minimum length of 48.5cm/19in.

As these stands are generally static, the idea of using carbon fibre to make them lightweight is mainly to reduce the weight of the photographer’s kit when traveling, but also to make assistant’s work a little easier—whether carrying to and from a shoot, or holding during one.

The centre column uses a collar-style rotary locking mechanism more often seen on tripods, which the company says makes tightening easier and more effective than standard locking nuts and handles. Nissin has also come up with an interesting design for the leg clamps that allows them to be extended to a flat position on the ground for added stability.

The Nissin LS-50C will go in sale in the next couple of days priced 13,500 yen plus tax (approx. $130). For more information see this translated version of the Nissin product page.