As the number of newly-diagnosed Coronavirus cases continues to increase, so do the strict orders to stay home. For some, this means an increase in free time along with a decline in disposable income. Across the photography community, multiple retailers, software manufacturers, teachers and more are offering discounts, extended trials or freebies to help pass the time and (hopefully) make your dollars go a little further in this time of economic downturn.

We've rounded up just a few of the offerings from around the photography world and are sharing some of our favorites below. Keep in mind not all of these specials are specifically made in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, but we've included them below, unaffiliated, to ensure as little goes unseen as possible.

This will be a living list, so as we come across more deals and freebies, we will be adding them to the collection, which is split into two categories: 'Deals and discounts' and 'Classes, courses and webinars.' If you know of any we've missed, please share them in the comments below and we'll be sure to add them to the list.

Deals and discounts


In addition to granting free access to its Creative Cloud suite for qualifying students and educators alike, Adobe is also giving everyone two months of free Creative Cloud to help creatives affected by the ongoing pandemic. PetaPixel has shared a thorough guide on how to get your two free months.


Serif has increased the length of its free trial to 90 days (from 30 days) for its entire Affinity suite and is offering all of its apps, both desktop and mobile, for 50% off. This includes Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher. Additionally, Serif has pledged to ‘engage more than 100 freelance creatives for work, spending the equivalent of our annual commissioning budget in the next three months.’ Serif says more details on that initiative will be announced soon and has in the meantime shared a letter regarding this news.


As always, Adorama has a number of special offers and discounts across various photo gear, as well as a ‘Deal of the Day’ that kicks off with a new product at 10am EST everyday.


B&H too has its own ‘Deal Zone’ that features ‘unbeatable specials.’ Not everything is photo-specific, but you can count on at least two or three photography-specific deals going on every day.

DaVinci Resolve

While not exclusive to the COVID-19 pandemic, DaVinci Resolve 16, an inline video editor akin to Adobe Premiere Pro, is free to download for Linux, macOS and Windows computers. Whether you’re looking to cut your Adobe subscription to bring down your monthly bills or simply want to try something new, it’s hard to beat the price of nothing and the app itself is a treat to use, as we’ve been over before.


DxO is slashing prices by up to 30% off through March 31st, including the recently-released DxO PhotoLab 3.2 update as well as its Nik Collection. With the discount, PhotoLab 3.2 and the Nik Collection cost $99.99 each, compared to the usual $129.99. You can also try out both programs for 30-days with free trials.


ON1 is currently offering 50% off Photo RAW 2020.1, bringing the normal $99.99 price down to just $49.99. ON1 is also offering 50% off its ‘Gold Package’ version of Photo RAW 2020.1, which includes the program, 50 fine art texture overlays, the ON1 Foundations video course, a one-year SmugMug Portfolio membership (normally a $180 value), as well as a pack of presets, LUTs and ‘styles.’ You can find both the standard download and the ‘Gold Package’ download at ON1’s online store. The deals end March 31, so you only have a few days left to snag this deal.


Skylum is currently offering Luminar 4.2 and Aurora HDR as a bundle for $149, a $39 savings over the usual price. In order to see the deal, visit the Aurora HDR product page, click ‘Buy Now’ and scroll down to see the bundle with Luminar 4.

Classes, courses and webinars

Professional Photographers of America

As we covered earlier this week, Professional Photographers of America is currently offering its library of more than 1,100 courses for free. Usually these classes are limited to paying PPA members, but to help photographers and creatives affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, PPA has temporarily opened them up for all.

Advanced Aerial Photography with Vic Moss

In a webinar scheduled for this Thursday, March 26th, at 4:00 PM MST (6:00 PM EST), Drone U's Vic Moss shares important lessons learned through his 30-plus years of experience as a photographer and 6-plus years operating drones.

'Drone U has decided to offer some free courses and webinars during this time to give people an outlet. Many of us are cooped up and still need a creative outlet. Now is a good time to hone our skillsets, so Drone U thought we'd do this. We're all in this together, so let's get through it together,' Moss tells DPReview.

Here are a few concepts that will be covered:

  • The exposure triangle and how the three parts work together (ISO, f-stop, shutter speed)
  • Megapixel vs. resolution: how are they different? Or are they?
  • The basics of composition
  • How to use the histogram to enhance your images
  • HDR and some basic editing concepts

While the webinar will be available for replay after it's recorded, the live session offers attendees the opportunity to ask questions. Register here.

Introduction to Aerial Videography: Creative Direction for Drone Filming

This course is offered for free through Skillshare. All you need to do is create a free account to access a 2-month trial that can be canceled (it would be wise to set a reminder if you're not interested in becoming a full-time member). Drew Roberts and Nathan Labruzza of Los Angeles-based Wild Rabbit Aerials, have created footage for major car companies including GMC, Ford, and Toyota, a Super Bowl ad for SodaStream, and footage for numerous feature film productions.

The duo walks through the basics of aerial cinematography including how to get started from the ground up. They share some hard-learned lessons from their years of experience, how they conduct the simplest to most complex shoots and run through the post-production process. Register for this course through a free Skillshare account here.

Various Beginner + Intermediate Photography Courses

Brit + Co, a lifestyle and DIY-based site, is offering all of their courses, which usually range from $27 – $107 each, for free through March 31st. Simply use the all-caps promo code 'SELFCARE' without the quotes at checkout. Click on 'Have a Coupon?' and you'll automatically be registered without having to use your credit card or PayPal account.

Relevant courses include 'How to Become a Wedding Photographer,'Phone Photography: Capturing Your Travels,'Family Photography: Capturing Your Little Ones, and their 'Wanderlust Photography Bundle' which gives an introduction to travel photography and walks you through using photo editing apps. 'Some of us can't work and are catching a serious case of cabin fever. All of us want to stay inspired, creative, and take care of ourselves,' reads the official blog post introducing the initiative.

Adobe Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop, and After Effects Tutorials

YouTube hosts millions of free tutorials from creators around the globe. As with any major platform that goes largely unmoderated, save for removing objectionable content, the quality of information offered can vary. Justin Odisho has consistently created high-caliber content around showing creatives how to use Adobe products.

Adobe Premiere Pro is inarguably an industry standard when it comes to video editing software. In a series of 187 videos, Odisho walks you through everything from color correction to creating effects. Lightroom, Photoshop, and After Effects users will also find a wealth of information to master their respective crafts.

Kelby One

Scott Kelby’s Kelby One program is also offering free weekly webinars and memberships to some of its most popular classes. In a notification on the Kelby One website, it reads ‘We hope these resources help during this trying time as you work from home or self-quarantine for safety.’