When we reviewed the Shiftcam for the iPhone 7 Plus earlier this year we found it to be one of the most user friendly and versatile lens attachments for the iPhone. Now, the team behind that product has returned to Kickstarter to launch a new multi-lens smartphone attachment: the RevolCam.

Like the Shiftcam, the RevolCam adds wide angle, fisheye and macro lenses to your smartphone camera, lacking only the tele option. On the plus side, it adds a built-in mirror for selfies and a detachable and adjustable LED light, providing additional illumination in dim conditions. And instead of the Shiftcam's slider mechanism it uses a revolving design to allow for lens swapping on the fly:

In contrast to the Shiftcam, which is device-specific, the RevolCam comes with a universal design and its makers promise easy and secure attachment to any smartphone via a clamp mechanism. This should also work on the main camera of dual-camera equipped devices.

If you can live without a tele-attachment the RevolCam looks like an interesting accessory for mobile photographers who like to expand the camera feature set using attachment lenses. You can currently secure one by pledging $30 plus shipping on the RevolCam Kickstarter page. Delivery is planned for November 2017.