Sony has announced a small but significant update to the Sony Software Development Kit (SDK). This update allows users to craft custom imaging solutions using Sony cameras.

The new camera automation software SDK has been created with product photographers in mind and is designed to streamline a product photography imaging workflow using Sony cameras. Sony writes, 'It's especially useful for large e-commerce businesses, allowing them to simplify, speed up and standardize product photography.'

This streamlining is achieved by the SDK enabling 'virtually every facet' of the camera and lens to be automated and controlled. This includes automation and control over white balance, image resolution, compression options, zoom, focus and video triggering. Multi-camera support is included, meaning that it will be easier than ever to capture 360° interactive product shots, for example.

The SDK is the first to support full-frame multi-camera control, allowing for multi-angle image capture. It has also gained macOS compatibility, which Sony states is the most-used operating system in the product photography industry. The SDK is also compatible with Windows and Linux. The SDK also launches alongside a Sony team and website prepared to offer support. Further, Sony states that bespoke apps are possible.

Yasuo Baba, Director of Digital Imaging for Sony Europe BV, said of the SDK, 'This is a key part of Sony's long-term vision. Sony's Alpha range are the world's most trusted mirrorless cameras, and this new move helps to back this up with the best software and the best support.' Baba continues, 'By doing this, we aim to make it easier and quicker for companies in e-commerce, and other B2B sectors, to automate every part of the image creation process.'

Many high-end Sony mirrorless cameras are supported by the SDK, including the A9 II, A7R IV, A7 III, A7C and the RX0 series. While a niche SDK, it should prove very useful for some photographers and allow for a streamlined, more efficient workflow. It will also be interesting to see what sort of creative uses enterprising photographers come up with for the new SDK.

This is not Sony's first major SDK release of 2020. In February, the company released a remote control SDK kit. This SDK allows key camera controls and still image data to be captured via remote access, which Sony stated at the time is of interest to industries including security, entertainment and 'many others'.

A lot of great things can be created when a platform is opened to development, so it's nice to see Sony developing new software development kits for its cameras. If you'd like to learn more about the latest SDK, click here.