Nikon has launched a new trade-in program that gives its customers in the United States credit to put toward the purchase of a new D780 full-frame DSLR. The program will be live from February 3 through March 29 and includes credit for the value of the customers' trade-in as well as an additional $300 credit. Nikon will allow customers to use the credits for the D780 body-only and for the D780 bundled with a lens kit.

The trade-in program is currently listed as 'coming soon' on Nikon's website, though interested consumers can sign up to receive an alert when it goes live. The program will accept any camera from any brand; the only requirement is that it must be in working condition.

Nikon customers who have already ordered the D780 can retroactively apply the credit toward their purchase. The full-frame DSLR is available to purchase from a number of retailers for around $2,300 for the body only or around $2,800 with an included 24-120mm lens.