At some point in your photography career, you've probably come across the phrase 'frame within a frame.' While it might sound like nonsense, what it's referring to is a composition technique referred to as sub-framing.

Recent Videos

In his most recent video, YouTuber George Tomlin breaks down the concept of sub-framing and explains how it can be used to bring an otherwise unlikely scene to life.

As he explains in the seven-minute video, sub-framing is the practice of shooting through objects to frame a subject within the frame of the image—thus the term 'frame within a frame.' Rather than simply explaining how it works, Tomlin uses a 3D rendering to show how a particular scene in a made-up cityscape can yield multiple sub-framing opportunities.

In one of the four examples he shares, he shows how shooting through the windows of a vehicle can not only make the image more interesting from a composition standpoint, but also give a bit more context to the scene.

After he gets through the examples of sub-framing opportunities in the 3D scene, he turns to his own work to show off how he's recently used sub-framing. The examples aren't shining ones, necessarily, but they do work as solid foundations to build upon in your own work.