Photolemur, the makers of an AI-powered image editor, have put quite some time and effort into creating a comprehensive "Market Map of the Digital Photo Industry" that includes all sorts of brands, manufacturers, publications and other organizations that are involved in the industry in some shape or form.

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“The aim of this initiative is to become the gate to the digital photo industry and to help photographers, new companies, VCs, entrepreneurs, journalists, and bloggers to understand who the major players in the world’s digital photo industry are," writes Photolemur in the accompanying text. "Note that some companies work in more than one segment so we decided to link them only to their primary segment on the map.”

In the map you'll find anything from camera and lens manufacturers, to Raw image processors, to providers of online education services, all neatly sorted and categorized. The company says it is planning to update the market map over time, adding more entries to existing categories as well as creating entirely new categories.

On the market map website you can contact Photolemur via an email link if you think they've missed out an important player in the industry. If you submit your name and email address, you can also download the map as an Excel file or high-resolution PDF.