Edelkrone has launched the SurfaceONE 2-axis motion control system which, according to its branding, is “the world’s smartest 2-axis motion control system." The system is designed to capture straight, curved (targeted) and panning shots, all of which can be combined with a timelapse mode for smooth motion sequences.

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The SurfaceONE is controlled through an Android or iOS app, and Apple Watch support will be available soon as well. Subjects can be targeted independent of distance and the system can be used as an endless slider or for automatic pans with angular speed adjustment.

When shooting timelapses with the SurfaceONE, speed, shooting interval and other parameters can be set in the app. Once set up, your camera is supported by a flexible tilting head, which allows for easy fine-tuning of the lens angle and keeps the rig stable. Edelkrone also says the SurfaceONE motor is very silent and should therefore not be audible in video clips.

More information is available on the Edelkrone website, where you can order the SurfaceONE for $690.