If there ever comes a time when you're out of subjects to photograph — or you have a few free hours between shoots — take a look at WikiShootMe, a web app that uses your location to display points of interest on Wikipedia that are in need of photographs.

Hosted by Wikimedia Toolforge, WikiShootMe works by asking permission to use your current location based on your IP address. Once given permission through the browser, it displays a map provided by OpenStreetMap overlaid with different colored dots, each of which coordinates with a Wikipedia article.

Depending on the color of the dot — green, red, blue or yellow — WikiShootMe lets you know whether a photo has been taken for a specific article and what the priority is on getting one in place. Below is a legend provided in WikiShootMe's help page:

  • Larger, green circles represent Wikidata items with an image
  • Larger, red circles represent Wikidata items without an image
  • Smaller, blue circles represent Commons images
  • Smaller, yellow circles represent Wikipedia articles, in the current language edition (see the language selector in the upper-right corner)

To upload images, you must first create a MediaWiki account and authorize it for uploading content. Once authorized, you're free to upload content with the help of WikiShootMe. Images uploaded will automatically list you as the copyright holder under the CC-BY-SA-3.0 license.

To take WikiShootMe for a spin, head to the web app. It works on both desktop and mobile devices.