Lifeprint, the company behind the mobile photo printers with embedded augmented reality technology, today announced its second model, which produces larger prints than the original version and offers Wi-Fi connectivity as well.

The new printer can print images that are 3 by 4.5 inches in size—compared to the original model's minuscule 2 by 3 inch prints—and thanks to the new Wi-Fi feature you can remotely send an image for printing to a Lifeprint printer from anywhere, or send photos to printers owned by friends and family. For local printing, a Bluetooth connection is available as well.

As with the original Lifeprint, you can print video stills or a frame of an iPhone Live Photo and then view the full version via the Lifeprint app, merging physical print with digital display technology and offering a novel way of sharing videos with friends and family.

Like most mobile printers on the market, the Lifeprint prints on Polaroid's ZINK paper, which does away with the need for ink cartridges and comes with an adhesive backside. Inside the app you can add stickers, captions and filters before printing. At more than $1 per photo, the luxury is not cheap, so select your images and videos wisely.

Lifeprint's new larger printer is available exclusively through Apple Stores and on for $150. A film pack of 20 is $30; $50 will get you a pack of 40.