Whether you’re looking for new spots in town or looking for the best photo locations while on vacation, a new app called PIXEO is here to help.

Made exclusively for iOS (for now), PIXEO is a paid photo scouting app that relies on crowdsourced information to show the best photo spots in a given area. It currently features more than 10,000 locations, provided by more than 200 paid subscribers.

Beyond location, the pins across the map include photos that have been taking there, the current weather at a chosen location, directions to get there and notes from other photographers on whether or not the location is worth your time.

Using the app is simple. After downloading PIXEO from the iOS App Store, you’re presented with the opportunity to subscribe monthly or annually for $3 per month or $25 per year, respectively. Don’t worry, though. There’s a 30-day free trial to test the waters and see if it works for you.

Once in the app, it’s just a matter of finding an area you want to scout for locations. After you select a location and find a pin that another photographer has contributed, you can just save it to your favorites and hit the road.

PIXEO was only launched two weeks ago, so don’t worry if there’s nothing nearby. It has been featured in the ‘Best of What’s New’ section in the iOS App Store in multiple countries and is continually gaining new locations.

You can take PIXEO for a spin by downloading it from the iOS App Store.