Lightroom, a leading photo editing and organization software program from Adobe, now has its own Ambassador program. The product's Marketing Manager for Photography, Pei Ketron, announced that she is 'happy to have finally launched this program that I spent much of 2019 working on.'

DPReview reached out to Ketron and she elaborated more: 'The idea of a Lightroom Ambassador Program has been bouncing around internally for a few years now as a way for us to inspire, educate, and create stronger ties to the photography community. For the pilot year of our program, we selected a small group of outstanding US-based photographers who are proven leaders, particularly when it comes to photography education, community-building, and using their work to do good in the world.

These photographers will work closely with the Lightroom team on photography and education initiatives, sharing their knowledge and passion with others and inspiring everyone to use imagery to tell their own stories.'

'Now more than ever, you live with a camera in your hand, ready to capture every moment. You want your photographs to reflect what you see, to tell the stories you want to tell, to match the vision you had when you captured the image. But cameras don’t always see what you see, and they don’t come equipped with inspiration or expertise. Only people can offer that,' reads the introductory paragraph on the Lightroom Ambassador Program's home page.

Ketron's hope is that the community grows over time and its members, from beginners to seasoned photographers, continue to inspire each other. 10 ambassadors are currently on board to kick off the initiative: Aundre Larrow, Carmen Chan, Gloria Atanmo, Jennifer Chong, Johnie Gall, Mylo Fowler, Omar Robles, Paola Franqui, Summer Murdock, and Tobi Shinobi.

Adobe Lightroom is available on macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and tvOS. Any questions about the Ambassador Program can be addressed to