Shutterstock Tutorials, the YouTube channel of stock image company Shutterstock, has published a new video featuring Todd Blankenship with instructions on how to create 'anamorfake' lenses. The DIY anamorphic tutorial features inexpensive lenses sourced from eBay that are taken apart, fully modified, and reassembled.

The 13-minute tutorial is designed to equip budget filmmakers with the cinematic look of anamorphic lenses at a lower price. According to Blankenship, Shutterstock's new tutorial was inspired by content found on Tito Ferradans' YouTube channel, and it primarily revolves around adding the iconic flat line lens flare and oval-shaped aperture to an inexpensive lens.

The tutorial requires easily acquired components, including sandpaper, metal polish, fishing line, acetone, spray paint, gloves, and cotton pads. As well, DIYers will need oval aperture disks and a lens wrench. In addition to the video, which provides all the steps, Blankenship details a few notable points and a list of the required tools in a related blog post.