Owners of the mirrorless medium format Hasselblad X1D will soon be able to mount a series of full-frame lenses to their medium format body, in some cases with minimal vignetting, thanks to a new range of adapters launched by Novoflex. The company has produced a set of adapters that allow you to mount Nikon F, Canon FD, Leica R, and Leica M lenses, as well as one for Hasselblad’s own V range of legacy optics, to the newer, sleeker X1D.

Novoflex says that many older lenses have such wide covering circles that vignetting will be marginal on the 43.8x32.9mm sensor of the X1D, and of course, tilt and shift lenses will cover comfortably.

The Nikon model features a mechanical iris lever so modern G lenses can be used, while adapters for Contax/Yashica and Minolta MD/MC will be introduced next month. The adapters cost between €139 and €229 (approx. $160-285 USD), and can be viewed and bought from the Novoflex website.

For more info, check out the full press release below.

Press Release

NOVOFLEX announces lens adapters for Hasselblad X1D

NOVOFLEX announces lens adapters for Hasselblad X1D - Greater lens variety formedium format cameras

The mirrorless medium format camera Hasselblad X1D is one of the most advanced cameras in the HighEnd sector. The sensor size of 43.8 mm x 32.9 mm with a resolution of 50 megapixel is the best choice for both – professional photographers and prosumers. The only disadvantage is that Hasselblad offers only a small number of lenses.

Since the firmware update 1.17.2, however, the camera incorporates an electronic shutter, allowing the use of lenses from other manufactures. That is why NOVOFLEX is now announcing a series of lens adapters allowing 35mm and medium format lenses to be used on the Hasselblad X1D camera. The first adapters are available now for Leica R-, Leica M-, Nikon F- as well as Hasselblad V-type lenses. The adapter for Nikon lenses comes with a built-in mechanical aperture control to also allow the use with G-type Nikkor lenses. Fading in and out can be done infinitely. The introduction of adapters for Canon FD, Contax/Yashica, Minolta MD/MC and for the universal bellows of the NOVOFLEX BALPRO series is planned for early April, 2018.

Especially interesting are the lens adapters for 35mm-format mount for tilt-/shift lenses, as their image circle is always big enough, to fully illuminate the larger sensor format of the X1D. However, many 35mm-format lenses have an image circle which is bigger than the actual 35mm-format itself, this results into only marginal vignettings. In additon, many old or classic 35mm-format lenses are based on lens calculations of large or medium format lenses. Potential vignetting could be used creatively or cases later corrected through software.

None of the adapters will transfer information between camera and lens

NOVOFLEX adapters are available for almost any camera/lens combination. For more details please refer to the adapter finder on the NOVOFLEX home page www.novoflex.de.