"Here, cotton candy-hued skies are reflected in Rockland, Maine's calm harbor, speckled with ferries, yachts, yawls and mighty windjammers, such as the red-striped Victory Chimes, America's largest schooner readying its sailors for a wind blown journey across Penobscot Bay," Guttman explained on Kodak's Instagram.

Ahead of its global distribution late last month, Kodak Alaris released its new Ektachrome 100 film to select photographers for beta testing. One of those photographers was award-winning photographer Peter Guttman, who was given access to the Kodak Professional Instagram account starting on September 12. Guttman used the account to share several images captured with the new Ektachrome E100 film.

Kodak bills its resurrected Ektachrome E100 as an extremely fine grain film that produces vibrant colors with low contrast and a neutral tonal scale. Guttman put the film to the test in a variety of scenes, capturing photos of a colorful sunset, bright daylight, high-contrast environments, and more.

The new Kodak Ektachrome E100 film is available to preorder now from B&H Photo, Adorama, and other online retailers for $12.99. The film is listed as back-ordered with an availability date of December 2018. You can find out more information on Guttman by reading through his interview with YAG University

Credit: Photographs by Peter Guttman, used with permission