New Zealand-based camera gear company Syrp, which was founded in 2012 by two videographers, has been acquired by Vitec Imaging Solutions. The acquisition took place on January 23, according to Vitec, which holds an extensive brand portfolio that includes Manfrotto, JOBY, Gitzo, and more.

Syrp's product lineup includes motion control and slider hardware for photographers and filmmakers, as well as related software for controlling the hardware. These products will become part of Vitec's own portfolio under the acquisition, which will involve Syrp being integrated with Vitec Imaging Solutions.

As part of this integration, Vitec plans to transform Syrp's New Zealand facility into its new Research & Development 'center of excellence' for motion control and mechatronic products. The Syrp brand will remain, and its products will be made available globally via Vitec's global distribution network.

Vitec acquires Syrp, leader in sliders and motion technology, expanding innovation capabilities for future product development.

Vitec Imaging Solutions, a Division of The Vitec Group plc (“Vitec”), a globalprovider of products and solutions to the Broadcast and Photography markets, is pleased to announce that on 23 January 2019 it acquired Syrp Limited (“Syrp”),a New Zealand based slider and motion control company.

Syrp designs and develops motorised camera sliders as well as motion control hardware and software that enables independent content creators to remotely control their camera equipment, allowing for the capture and smooth tracking of shots for video, time-lapse and hyper-lapse imagery.

The acquisition of Syrp adds electronics and software features that control cameras to Vitec’s current product portfolio. Syrp will be integrated into Vitec’sImaging Solutions Division, which will commercialise the brand’s innovativeproduct offering to content creators worldwide. This will facilitate easy access to Syrp sliders and motion controls, as the perfect complements to Manfrotto andGitzo’s tripods and heads.

Founded in 2012 by two skilled videographers, Syrp has been dedicated to empowering independent filmmakers and photographers to explore new creative possibilities in dynamic photography and filmmaking. This commitment isperfectly aligned with Vitec’s purpose to provide innovative solutions for capturing and sharing exceptional content.

Syrp’s brand and products will benefit from Vitec Imaging Solutions globaldistribution network, with its highly efficient customer service, logistics, and integrated shipping capabilities. The brand will also receive the added support ofVitec’s integrated marketing campaigns and social media presence.

With the acquisition of Syrp, Vitec will expand its ability to provide customers with innovative solutions for the creation of exceptional time-lapses and hyper-lapses thus matching the growing demand for engaging digital and social media dynamic content.

Going forward, Syrp’s New Zealand facility will become Vitec’s R&D center of excellence for mechatronic and motion control products.