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Lumecube, a company known for its ultra-portable lighting solutions, has released a new product in the shape of an anti-collision light for drones.

The Lumecube Strobe can be attached to any drone using 3M Dual Lock technology and weighs only ten grams, minimizing the impact on flight performance and time. It's designed in line with all FAA guidelines for anti-collision lighting and, according to Lumecube, is visible from more than three miles away.

The light is visible from 360 degrees and can flash white, red or green, depending on the color filter attached. There are also multiple light modes, including a fast speed of 60 strobes per second. The Stobe uses a micro-USB cable for charging and, according to Lumecube, provides more than two hours of run time in fast strobe mode. A button lets you cycle through various strobe modes, including a continuous lighting mode.

The Strobe is available now for $49.95. More information can be found on the Lumecube website.