If you own a Nikon Z camera and still have a bunch of older lenses from other brands sitting around, K&F Concept's new line of Nikon Z lens adapters, which will start shipping on January 22, could be worth a look. They could give your old lenses a new lease on life.

In total eleven different Z-mount adapters will be available:

  • KF-FDZ for Canon FD mount
  • KF-EFZ for Canon EF mount
  • KF-PKZ for Pentax K mount
  • KF-NGZ for Nikon F mount (G-type)
  • KF-NFZ for Nikon F mount
  • KF-CYZ for Yashica-Contax mount
  • KF-OMZ for Olympus OM mount
  • KF-AAZ for Sony/Minolta A mount
  • KF-SRZ for Minolta MD mount
  • KF-42Z for M42 mount
  • KF-LMZ for Leica M

The adapters are made of brass and aluminum and manually operated. They're also pretty affordable, with prices ranging from $30 to just over $60. You can find an overview of all adapters with more detail on the K&F website.