According to a new note on Canon Singapore's website, Canon is making its Digital Photo Professional (DPP) Express iPad app subscription-based in the near future.

DPP Express is an iPad-only app that works hand-in-hand with the Canon Camera Connect app to process JPEG and ‘CR3’ Raw files from Canon cameras. The application is fairly standard in its feature set and functionality, with a rather standard interface designed to easily make adjustments and edits to images on the go.

A screenshot from Canon Singapore's website showing the note that clarifies a subscription will be required starting with app version 1.2.0.

Currently, Canon DPP Express has a rating of just 1.6 stars out of 5 in the iOS App Store—and that’s before the impending update. Starting with version 1.2.0, which is due out October 2019 according to the note, the app will require a monthly subscription at a cost that’s yet to be disclosed.

It will still be possible to transfer ‘CR3’ files from compatible cameras to mobile devices via the Canon Camera Connect app, but Canon considers DPP Express to be a major component in its ‘mobile Raw workflow,’ so adding a monthly subscription cost to the workflow likely won’t go over well for those who do use the app.

We have contacted Canon for more details on pricing and whether or not there will be an annual subscription option as well and will update this article accordingly when we hear back.