Manual control over shutter speed
Manual focus control allows for shots like this one.

With the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 8, Apple has introduced a number of new imaging related features. One of the most interesting additions is the ability to fully control camera settings such as focus, shutter speed or ISO via the CameraKit SDK that is used in the development of iOS camera apps. Some of the more established camera apps have already implemented the new functionality into the latest updates, for example ProCamera

However, there is also a brand new app, aptly called Manual, that not only makes use of the manual controls offered by iOS 8 but puts them at the center of the user experience. Manual is a simple app, without any distraction from the imaging process. There are no filters, special modes or video capture. Instead you get a straightforward user interface that gives you access to the front camera, flash settings, a focus slider and white balance on one side of the live view image.

Manual exposure adjustment is useful for very bright scenes like winter landscapes.
Manual focus is controlled via a slider.

On the other side you'll find a big red shutter button and controls for shutter speed and ISO. As you tap on one of the latter a dial opens up and you can change the setting by sliding your finger. On our iPhone 6 this is currently a little laggy and not as smooth as you'd wish. Hopefully this can be improved with a future update. The aperture value is also displayed, but as the iPhone, like most smartphones, comes with a fixed aperture, this of course cannot be changed.

There is also a settings menu where you pick from a square or thirds framing grip, shutter sounds and light or dark themes for the UI. On the live preview there is a basic histogram that gives you some idea of the tonal distribution in your image. The app has clearly been designed with manual control in mind but you can also set it to Auto mode in which case exposure is linked to the focus point, just like the standard iPhone camera app. If you've been waiting for more manual control over your iPhone camera head over to the App Store now and download Manual for US$1.99. 

Source: The Verge