This graph, provided by Suite 48 Analytics, shows the percentage of apps within different price brackets in both iOS and Android app markets.

Suite 48 Analytics published a study today revealing that apps on iPhone cost on average 38% less than their Android equivalents. Of the 50 top ranking photo and video apps on iPhone, a majority are priced $0.99, compared to only 34% of Android apps. 

While the initial price of iPhone applications may seem lower, the study points out that many iOS apps like Hipstamatic rely on in-app purchases to generate revenue. That trend may be waning as well—49% of iPhone apps older than one year allow in-app purchases compared to 29% of those released in the last six months.

The study also revealed a few other imaging app trends:

  • 38% of the top ranking photo apps are photo enhancement apps (such filters or effects apps), followed by "combine" apps (such collage apps), and camera apps.
  • Top ranking iPhone photo and video apps have higher user ratings than their Android counterparts.
  • Only 10% of the top ranking photo and video apps are video apps (another 13% are apps that can be used both for photos and videos), indicating that still photography continues to dominate the market.
  • Only 1% of the top ranking photo and video apps are primarily print product ordering apps such as greeting card or photobook apps; 5% have ordering print products as one of their features.
  • 34% of the top grossing photo and video apps on iPad are specially made for iPad, i.e. not offered on iPhone.
  • The top 25 free Android photo or video apps in the U.S. generate 63% of their downloads outside the U.S. The equivalent number on the iPhone is significantly lower, at 51%.