In an interview with French publication Focus Numerique senior representatives from Olympus have revealed a number of interesting insights about what consumers can expect from the Japanese manufacturer in the future, for example Micro Four Third image sensor that support 8K video. 

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General Manager of Olympus Product Planning, Mr. Akira Watanabe, said: we can assure you that there is no problem in developing sensors at 33 million pixels for filming in 8K. We started the 4/3″ saga with a sensor at 5 Mpx In 2003. Now the same sensor is at 20 Mpx with a much higher image quality especially for the management of electronic noise.”

In the same interview Mr. Watanabe suggests that Olympus might be working on its own version of a Bluetooth-based app, the likes of which Samsung pioneered and has recently been implemented by Nikon. He also thinks that Olympus will be able to offer a handheld high-resolution image mode in the future. It's impossible to know how close Olympus is to bringing those new features and technologies to market but for users and fans of the brand it's certainly reassuring to know they are in development.