Macphun, the company behind Aurora HDR, has announced Luminar, an all-in-one photo editing app for Mac. The photo editor was designed for users of all skill levels, and includes a user interface that can be tailored to each user's specific needs.

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Luminar includes a variety of tools for processing images, including native Raw processing, more than 35 photo filter sets including Photo Filter Emulation and Cross-Processing, presets, layers, brushes and masking, spot healing, noise reduction and ‘personalized darkrooms’ called Workspaces. Macphun also mentions a sky replacement tool to tease some of the other more advanced features the software will offer.

Macphun says it will open Luminar to pre-orders on November 2 with the official launch scheduled for November 17. New customers will pay $59, while existing customers will be charged less at $49. Those who pre-order the software will receive an exclusive video series dubbed Photography Essentials and Marketing Guide for Photographers by Will Burrad-Lucas.

Via: Macphun Blog