Getty Images has been sued again, this time by independent press agency Zuma Press over the alleged copyright infringement of 47,048 of its sports images. According to the lawsuit, Getty Images copied the aforementioned photos in April 2016 and made them available on its own website for both selling and licensing purposes without permission. The legal claim further states that Getty ‘altered/removed Zuma’s credit and replaced it with its own credit.'

The lawsuit, which was filed August 1 in the US District Court of the Southern District of New York, claims that, 'Getty has been carelessly and recklessly acquiring content, not doing due diligence and not taking adequate measures to prevent infringement as well as falsifying/removing proper copyright management information… Getty has shown that it cannot and will not reform on its own accord.'

The lawsuit is seeking damages plus profits or, alternatively, statutory damages that can range from $2,500 to $25,000 per infringed photograph.

This is the second copyright infringement lawsuit filed against Getty Images in recent days. On July 25, photographer Carol M. Highsmith filed a suit against Getty for $1 billion over its alleged infringement of her photographers. In response, Getty said the lawsuit was based on 'misconceptions.'

Via: Ars Technica