Fujifilm has revealed plans to discontinue several film products this year, starting with the popular B&W ACROS 100 stock. A leak about the plan surfaced last month on Casual Photophile, where it was correctly reported that ACROS 100 would be discontinued in October of 2018. In confirming the news, Fujifilm also provided a timeline for discontinuing its B&W photographic paper products.

According to Fujifilm's released timeline, the company will discontinue select lines of black-and-white photographic paper in March of 2019, October of 2019, and March of 2020. The company cites low demand as the reason for its decision, explaining that despite using measures to help absorb the costs associated with the product, sales are no longer sufficient to continue production.

The paper discontinuation timeline is provided below:

  • Fujibro WP KM 3 (4-inch): October 2018
  • Fujibro WP FM No. 2: October 2019
  • Fujibro WP KM 2: October 2019
  • Fujibro WP KM 4: March 2019
  • Fujibro WP KM 3 (6-inch, Kabinet, LG Kabinet): March 2020

Fuji ACROS 100 film is still available to purchase (for now) from online retailers, but expect stock to dwindle once it's officially discontinued in October.