Becca Farsace, Video Director at The Verge, has shared a video detailing how she built her own Raspberry Pi camera with no coding experience.

The nine-minute video is a fun overview of what it took to turn a Raspberry Pi 4 computer into a fully-functioning interchangeable-lens camera with the help of Raspberry Pi’s new HQ Camera add-on, a three-inch touchscreen, a spare lens or two from Becca’s 16mm Bolex camera and a sacrificial Ninoka nk-700 film camera.

Since Becca isn’t too familiar with Python, the coding language needed to build apps for the Raspberry Pi 4 computer, she had more than a few hurdles to clear before she could get shooting. However, with the help of her Instagram followers, the camera’s manual and plenty of perseverance over the course of a few days, she was able to get a program up and running that allowed her to capture images.

The resulting ‘Becca Cam’ is far from intuitive (particularly when the keyboard is required) and quality of images captured with the camera isn’t going to blow anyone away, but for a 1.0 product built with zero coding knowledge, it’s impressive.

Becca shared links to all of the materials and code used to create the camera (aside from the frame, which was hacked together from an old film camera), so if you’re feeling like making your own camera, follow the video link and pick up the required components.