Apple and Google haven’t always gotten along, but there are times when the two work together to make life easier for end-users, regardless of what mobile operating system they’re using. One of the latest examples of this is a new feature baked into Google Photos that makes it possible to sync ‘liked’ and ‘favorited’ images between Google Photos and the iOS Camera Roll app.

Screenshots of the new settings in the Google Photos iOS app. Click to enlarge.

As visible in the below demonstration from Android Police, who first reported on the feature, a simple setting within the Google Photos app will make it so images ‘liked’ in the iOS Camera Roll app will become ‘starred’ in your Google Photos account.

We tested the new feature and can confirm we had a similar experience to Android Police; syncing happens slightly faster when ‘starring’ an image in Google Photos than it does when ‘liking’ an image in the iOS Camera Roll. This is likely because when ‘liking’ an image in the iOS Camera Roll, Google Photos is running as a background task, whereas when using Google Photos, the synchronization process can be triggered immediately.

The feature should be live for all Google Photos users and has worked seamlessly across both an iPhone XS and iPad Pro (11-inch) in our testing. If you don’t have it already, you can download the Google Photos app for free in the iOS App Store.