Chinese manufacturer SainSonic, which also makes an 8mm F3.0 fisheye prime lens as well as various floating music orbs and tabletop tube headphone amplifiers, has announced a new manual focus lens for APS-C cameras. It's called the Kamlan 50mm F1.1 (!) lens and it's currently offered in Sony E-Mount and Canon EOS M mounts, with a Fujifilm mount version coming soon.

The lens has a claimed 11 circular aperture blades (claimed, because if you were to count the blades in the above mockup, you'd wind up with 9), and a fairly pedestrian five elements in five groups, though there's talk of high quality element coatings.

You can snag a Kamlan 50mm F1.1 today for the very reasonable price of $169.99 USD.

For more images and details regarding the lens, head on over to SainSonic. For some samples from the lens and comparative tests, check out Christopher Frost's video review on YouTube: