Nikon's upcoming 'Plena' lens features similar branding to its earlier Z 58mm F0.95 S Noct lens.

Nikon released a teaser video today for an upcoming product announcement scheduled for September 27, 2023. Simply titled ‘Plena,’ the video doesn’t reveal too much about what this upcoming product will be, although it’s safe to say it’s likely a new high-end, full-frame Z-mount lens. This would be the camera maker's second named lens, after Nikon's ultrafast 58mm F0.95, a.k.a. the Noct.

In the video, we get some brief glimpses of a photographer walking around capturing photos with a Nikon Z series camera and what looks like a pretty substantial lens with a large front lens element. We can briefly see other physical design features, such as the focus ring and the customizable control ring that many Nikon Z-mount lenses share, but not much else.

Framegrab from the Nikon 'Plena' teaser video.

For a few moments, we see the name ‘Plena’ engraved on the side of the lens in a similar typeface to that used on the NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct lens. Given the branding similarities, we can speculate a bit that this is likely a high-end, premium Nikon Z-mount lens and one with a very bright aperture. Visually, this upcoming ‘Plena’ lens does not appear as massive as the Noct, however. It's also hard to tell from the video if it has autofocus, which the Noct does not.

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As mentioned, the teaser video doesn’t give many concrete details as to the specs of this lens other than the name. However, when we look at Nikon’s latest Z mirrorless lens roadmap from earlier this summer, the company lists two new S-line lenses as in development, a 35mm and a 135mm.

What do you think the Nikon ‘Plena’ is? What lenses are you hoping to see next from Nikon in its growing Z-mount system? We'll learn more on September 27th.