In honor of Season 3, Stranger Things has teamed up with Polaroid Originals to release an 'Upside Down' Polaroid OneStep 2 and accompanying Stranger Things-branded film.

Officially named the 'Polaroid Originals OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition,' there's nothing notably unique about the OneStep 2, aside from its unique colorway and upside down branding, a nod to the 'Upside Down' realm in the Stranger Things universe.

Polaroid Originals says the camera features a fixed-focus lens, a built-in flash, USB charging and a self-timer. The battery life is rated for up to 60 days and the lens has a focusing range from two feet to infinity. It works with Polaroid Originals i-Type film as well as 600 instant films.

Speaking of films, Polaroid Originals is also selling a special edition film. The color I-Type film comes in packs of 8 and features 16 different designs inspired by various locations throughout Hawkins, the town where Stranger Things takes place.

The Color I-Type Film Stranger Things Edition is sold individually or in packs of three for $16.99 and $48.00, respectively. The Polaroid Originals OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition is sold on its own for $109.99 or with a three-pack of film as a 'Starter Set' for $157.99.