Last week HTC launched Duo Cam Galleries to allow users of the One M8 to share its unique Duo Cam images with those who are not lucky enough to own HTC's latest flagship phone. In a similar move the Taiwanese manufacturer has now made a Beta version of its Zoe app available to users of most Android devices running version 4.4 or higher.

Zoe was originally launched with the HTC One has an HTC exclusive. It uses a range of blending, transition and filter effects to create highlight-reel type videos of your photos and videos, based on either events, locations or albums. By default this is done automatically but you can also intervene manually and pick the images and videos you want to be used, select from pre-fabricated themes and add music. Of course the final results can be shared through the usual social media channels and the new Zoe community.  

Zoe can be downloaded from the Google Play Store now, just keep in mind it's still a beta version, so there might be one or two bugs that still need ironing out. You can also watch the video below to find out how Zoe works and view a finished Zoe movie in the features section of our HTC One review.

Via: TNW